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You can transfer your existing domains to us today. To get started, simply enter the domains below, one per line (omitting "www." or "http://").

  • domain names

    Domains must have been registered for 60 days or more to be eligible for transfer.

    You will need to provide the registry authorisation (EPP) code at the time of ordering. This can be obtained from the current host / registrar and at the same time you should request that they "unlock" your domain ready for transfer. Once you place your order an email will be sent to the contacts listed on the domain WHOIS record to request authorisation to transfer the domain to eXtendnet, so please ensure they are correct because if the required authorisation is not given the domain will NOT be transferred to eXtendnet.

    The current domain expiry date of domains will be automatically extended for a further year once the transfer completes.

  • .uk domain names

    You will need to contact the current host / registrar and request that they change the IPS tag on the domain to EXTEND to allow us to take control of the domain. We will update the name servers accordingly once the IPS tag has been updated.

    The current domain expiry date of .uk domains will NOT be altered or extended by the transfer process.

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Domain Pricing

TLD Min. Years Price (Min. Years) Transfer Renew (Min. Years) 2 £12.00 £0.00 £12.00
.biz 2 £19.20 N/A £19.20
.co 1 £28.80 £28.80 £28.80
.com 1 £9.60 £9.60 £9.60
.eu 1 £15.48 £15.48 £15.48 2 £60.00 N/A £60.00 2 £60.00 N/A £60.00
.info 2 £19.20 N/A £19.20 2 £24.00 £0.00 £24.00 2 £12.00 £0.00 £12.00
.net 1 £9.60 £9.60 £9.60
.org 1 £9.60 £9.60 £9.60 2 £12.00 £0.00 £12.00 1 £30.00 £30.00 £30.00 1 £30.00 £30.00 £30.00 2 £48.00 N/A £48.00
.tv 1 £48.00 £48.00 £48.00
.uk 2 £18.00 £0.00 £18.00

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